This Virtual Platform was developed with the generous financial support of the Norwegian Government through its Embassy, in Pretoria South Africa. The Norwegian Government has partnered with the Centre for Human Rights since 2012 to strengthen African institutions dealing with governance, rule of law, and human rights so as to improve the overall respect for human rights in Africa. Specifically, the Norwegian Government has funded the Women’s Rights Unit in its efforts to strengthen the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of women in Africa (Special Rapporteur) especially with regards to monitoring compliance and implementation of the Maputo Protocol. A major part of this work included strengthening the capacity of the state parties to prepare and submit reports to the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (African Commission) on the Maputo Protocol.  

This virtual platform is a key component of this project. It has been designed to serve as a one-stop platform and information site on State Reporting under the Maputo Protocol, particularly for those involved in drafting state reports and for researchers. It will also work as an information-sharing platform for state parties who have been trained on state reporting to interact and share best practices and experiences.

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